Library of the Unknown and Unknowns, 2011

45 volumes
found books rebound with foil stamped custom covers dimensions variable

Titles include:
Embracing Uncertainty, The Unknown, One Unknown, Others Unknown, The Unknowns, Known and Unknown, Unknown but Known, Unknown Man, Daddy Unknown, The Man from Nowhere, The Unknown Malone, Love Unknown, Gifts of Unknown Things, My Unknown Child, Un Hijo Desconcido (Unknown Son), The Life of an Unknown, Author Unknown, Unknown Hand, Sender Unknown, Identity Unknown, Statistics: A Guide to the Unknown, Unlocking the Secrets of the Unknown, Charting the Unknown, Exploring the Unknown, Leaving Unknown, The Unknown City, Unknown Texas, Into the Unknown, Into the Unknown, The Unknown Path, Across the Unknown, Down the Great Unknown, Destination Unknown, The Unknown Shore, The Shore Unknown, Unknown Territory, Unknown Means, The Edge of the Unknown, The Unknown Darkness, The Shadow of the Unknown, Unleashing Our Unknown Selves, Letter from and Unknown Woman, An Unknown Woman, The Unknown Sister, Masterpieces of Mystery and the Unknown.