Angie Waller


I author and publish books and interactive projects via Unknown Unknowns︎︎︎ an independent imprint, exploring how online technologies mediate human experience.

titleOutliars: A Discourse Guide to Fact Checking and Click Baiting
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dimensions7.25" x 5" – 54 pages
Using headlines from a twenty-eight year archive from The New York Times, this study analyzes how headlines of the Trump presidency negotiated the fact of lying in contrast with previous administrations. 

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title: If you like __ you might vote for__.
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DATA:Facebook Ad Library
dimensions13" x 19" 
2-sided, folded in half
This poster invites you to explore the topics that politically divide us, such as electric vehicles, Kid Rock, and Cracker Barrel. It documents the Facebook ad targeting used by campaigns during the US midterm election season, which took place between August 24 and September 22, 2022.

title: Grifting the Amazon
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dimensions: 9.75" x 6.75"
44 pages
Grifting the Amazon explores the “Wild West” of from clickbait books to alleged money laundering. 

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title: Trippy Training Data
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dimensions:10" x 7.5" — 58 pages
This book introduces a dataset designed to teach a computer about the sensation of tripping on LSD. The pages contain images sourced from a Reddit subreddit where individuals share their experiences with LSD and photograph various objects, such as cold pizza and bathroom floor tiles, in an attempt to capture their hallucinatory visions. When an algorithm is provided with labeled data, it can generalize rules, establish relationships, and detect patterns, even if they are not inherently meaningful. By immersing ourselves in the observation of marbled colby-jack cheese, can we also achieve a transcendent experience?