Angie Waller


I combine art, design, and computational linguistics approaches to studying online environments and translating research for broader audiences.

Papers and Methodologies
Citizen Browser is a reporting series that uses a custom application to collect what is algorithmically broadcasted to Facebook users.

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Title Citizen Browser: How We Built a Facebook Inspector
Authors Surya Mattu, Leon Yin, Angie Waller, and Jon Keegan
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Awards Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Innovation

Facebook Pixel Hunt is the first study to record the user data collected by Meta's tracking pixel at scale.

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TitleHow We Built a Pixel Inspector
Authors: Surya Mattu, Angie Waller, Simon Fondrie-Teitler, and Micha Gorelick
URL: Read at The Markup︎︎︎
Awards: 2023 National Press Club Consumer Journalism Award

Split Screen provides a glimpse into the variations of Facebook feeds for participants of the Citizen Browser project, based on their demographics and voting preferences.

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TitleSplit Screen: How We Built a Facebook Feed Viewer
Authors Surya Mattu, Angie Waller, Jon Keegan, and Micha Gorelick
design Sam Morris
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