Angie Waller


Angie Waller is an artist and researcher based in New York. She examines the inner workings of online environments, including tools such as search and content moderation. She focuses on how the profit incentives of commercial platforms impact our online interactions and compromise privacy.

She is product lead and research manager at the Digital Witness Lab at Princeton University, a lab that specializes in building tools for journalists and researchers to monitor social media and encrypted messaging platforms.

Previously, she worked as a research project manager at the Center for Social Media and Politics at New York University. This lab focuses on studying the influence of social media on political opinion and voter participation.

Before that, she served as a research manager at The Markup, a non-profit newsroom focused on tech accountability.

In 2019, she earned an MA in Computational Linguistics from the Graduate Center at the City University of New York. She also holds an MFA from the University of California Los Angeles.

Angie’s work in video, interactive projects, and publications has been presented at museums and festivals around the world. Her projects have been featured in various publications, including The New York Times, The Guardian, The Chicago Tribune, Wired, Le Monde, The Baffler, The Believer, and The Today Show.