Angie Waller

title How to Look at Artist Networks
support 2015 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. for its website made possible with funds from the Jerome Foundation.
DATA Google Knowledge Graph
This web project examines the decline of traditional art historical canons in the era of Google's algorithmic associations.

More than 60,280 artists' names and their connections were extracted from Google Knowledge Graph's "also searched" feature. Each artist node is categorized based on the number of steps it takes to connect to either Duchamp or Picasso.1

These connections often represent artists with similar styles and mediums, but they can also include the artist's social networks, collectors, romantic relationships, and even individuals with similar names (for example, a search for Leonardo da Vinci  suggests Leonardo diCaprio as a related figure). The resulting lists curate artists not solely based on their work, but on their online relevance.

1. The artist Chris Burden once said that all artists decide to be more like a Picasso or a Duchamp.