Angie Waller

title I’m Sorry
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sourcetext from apologies for plagiarism
editionedition of 35
The book I'm Sorry explores the concept of originality within the context of appropriation and plagiarism. It features excerpts from public apologies made by journalists, authors, and politicians for instances of plagiarism. These fragments are combined to form a lengthy, meandering apology that spans twenty lines. The text is arranged using hand-set lead type, with each letter placed individually. The pages were printed on a Vandercook press at The Center for Book Arts in New York.

Each page represents a pass on the antique press, intentionally including errors that are inherent to the hand-set type process. These errors may include physically damaged type or type set upside-down and backwards. The progression of pages documents the gradual correction of printing errors. By emphasizing the physical properties of words created with lead type, the book challenges the copy-and-paste digital environment where plagiarism often occurs. The repeated text throughout the booklet pages serves as a tangible representation of the theme of exposure to others' ideas, and explores the fine line between influence, appropriation, and outright theft.