Angie Waller

title Loading Animated Version
festivalsEurovision Film Festival
In the early days of the internet, Flash, a vector animation program, was all the rage. When visiting a website that used Flash, users would encounter a loading bar and often had to wait a minute or two for the site's content to load. This common occurrence inspired the title of this video.

"Loading Animated Version" showcases my experience of making a living from this internet trend. Creating Flash animations for early startups was highly profitable for art school graduates who were willing to work in office cubicles from 10 to 6 during the first internet bubble.

During my time on a particular job, I discovered that the animators I managed were working from Hungary at a fraction of the going rate in New York. While this is now a common practice, the video captures a time when it was not yet the norm. By combining Flash animations from that era, animations produced at my workplace, and voiceovers of demanding emails, the video documents the emergence of desktop publishing software and the cost-cutting measures of outsourcing creative work.