Angie Waller

title Originality Volvelle
Dimensions9.75” diameter
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sourcecopyright case law
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Twenty cases of copyright infringement were selected, covering various creative forms such as photography, sculpture, painting, and song lyrics. These cases were categorized based on the title of the work and the method used to create it, distinguishing between "made by hand" and "manufactured." The court's determination of whether the work was transformative or unoriginal was also noted.

By analyzing court decisions according to these specific elements, the cases were organized on a volvelle, which is a wheel chart similar to a color wheel. This volvelle enables fresh interpretations of intellectual property debates and reveals contradictions between similar cases. For example, in one case, a designer was found guilty of infringement for copying a dog mannequin, while in another case, copying a human mannequin was not considered a copyright violation. Through such examples, the volvelle highlights the ambiguities in defining originality.